Day 1 of the Production Tour started out with an adventure in Tunis. Discovering Tunisian street style and being amazed by the kindness and enthusiasm of the people in this country.

- Finding models on the streets of Tunis

A street style photoshoot calls for authentic models, which we found spontaneously while scanning the beautiful and kind faces that we passed on the streets of Tunis. When we invited them to join our photoshoot we were surprised by their sense of adventure: Everyone we asked agreed to join us immediately!

street style mud jeans tunisia fashion shoot casting
- What a way to meet new people
This photoshoot gave us the opportunity to meet such interesting people. One of the guys we passed on the street and shot with was actually a hip-hop dancer and just brought a whole lot of energy to the shoot (@rayantouati). We were lucky to meet two other girls, one of them studying architecture (@nour_aouissaoui) and the other one law. We loved getting to know them and sharing stories.
–  MUD love all around

Funny story: For the street style shoot we brought a suitcase full of MUD Jeans. When we unpacked the jeans, a huge crowd gathered around us asking whether they could buy our jeans! We enjoyed to meet new people this way and spread the MUD love.

Be an ambassador
Hereby, we invite you to discover Tunisia with us. We will only make a true impact if we spread the message widely. We would love to have you an board as an ambassador. Share the cool things that we discover in Tunisia and be a messenger of our larger mission as a whole. So follow our tour starting the 9th of April and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Follow our adventure on social media, slides in our DM's or mail us at if you have any questions for us or our factory workers.