What better location could we image for our latest photoshoot than a greenhous?

- Photoshooting in a greenhouse

In the port city of Rotterdam, a Dutch family is taking part in a three-year test pilot project that has them living full-time in a greenhouse home, created by design students at the Rotterdam University. The house is a test case for living sustainably

The family Scholten was in for this adventure encouraged by mother Helly, who is a botanical stylist and decorator. She was researching for ways to live a sustainable and less energy-intensive lifestyle, within Rotterdam. By chance, she heard that Rotterdam University was looking for candidate families to live in experimental housing. They went for an interview with a professor at the school, and applied on the spot. 

The MUD Team accidentally stumbled upon the house and immediately knew this was the perfect spot for our next photoshoot. Being there was even greater than we would expect. It makes you think you’re standing in nature anywhere in the house. We almost felt like in a tree house and also enjoyed some relaxing moments during the shoot.

- Collaboration with sustainable partners

The location seemed like the natural place to do the shoot. To make it complete, we collaborated with some of our friends for an all sustainable line-up.     

The shooting gave the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and it was great to see how everything that we planned for a long time came together. Leonie de l’Ormetook care of the creative direction for the shoot and made our values visible in every detail. Fauve Bouwman, the young experimental photographer took the photo’s. As usual she photographed analog and played with the lights and glass in the greenhouse. 

The sustainable brand Davines supported us with hair and beauty products. The idea of the shooting was not to only put emphasis on MUD Jeans but to involve other sustainable brands as well. Part of the shoot were Veja shoes, Miss Green, Dick Moby and Wintervracht.

We are already looking forward to future collaborations and to the next shooting, hopefully in a similarly impressive location.