Sharing stories – Sharing inspiration

So many inspiring people cross our paths on our sustainable journey and we believe it would be pretty selfish from us to not share all the positivity and enthusiasm they infuse us with. This time we asked the sustainable lifestyle blogger Anina from ‘Blossik’, The actress Sanny van Hetern and the lovely blogger Hella from ‘The New Fashion Norm’, to share some of their sustainable life experience with us.

Blossik stands for ‘only me’ – 100% Anina Mutter

What does it mean for you to live a sustainable life?
To live a sustainable life means for me that I try to choose options that do not exploit or harm anyone or anything. I try to integrate sustainability into the three levels of people, planet and profit and I’d wish everyone to do so too. Sustainability is about long-term thinking and therefore about long-term solutions. We simply have to change in order to enable a (more or less) healthy life on this planet. Personally, I try to shop as consciously as possible. Meaning for example that I mostly buy locally and always organically grown food, that I choose sustainable fashion over fast fashion, that I try to save energy by not having a car and mostly using a bike or public transport, etc. I treat my environment with respect and I try to raise awareness and to use my reach as a blogger for the better, by playfully inspiring whoever wants to be inspired.
What do you love most about your life?
I am highly aware that I am extremely privileged. This awareness is already giving me a lot of happiness and gratefulness. I also love the fact that I am living of what I love doing most. Writing about topics that are meaningful to me, getting to know wonderful people and supporting fascinating projects. Also, the life of a digital nomad, the possibility to work from wherever I want (be it only my home) is something I extremely love. I love that I have the possibility to choose: to choose my food, my work, my clothes, etc. and I don’t take that for granted. Lastly, what I love most is the fact that I am experiencing all this at the side of my boyfriend with whom I am living a wonderful, respectful and inspiring relationship. The combination of being able to choose and to have wonderful human beings in my life is a magical. I don’t care about money. I care about time.


Who is Sannywithachanceof in one sentence?

Sanny is a lover of life, a traveler and someone who is inspired by nature. Her mission in life is to raise awareness about the critical need for us to love and care for our beautiful world.

You travel a lot, so what does home mean to you?

Home to me is (I hold my hand on my heart) wherever I am I consider myself an earthling and do not believe in man made boundaries and lines on a map

What was the biggest adventure of your life?

One of my biggest adventures in life was living on a wooden pirate ship in Thailand for a few months…. But there are so many magical adventures, I may have to write a book

What do you love most about our planet?

Nature to me is the greatest gift our planet shares with us….there is such perfection in the way things work in an eco environment…. It never stops blowing my mind
What does it mean for you to live a sustainable lifestyle?
To me sustainability is all about making conscious choices. I research quite a bit (which I share on my blog) before I buy anything fashion related. I’m also conscious of bringing my KeepCup with me for take away coffee, buying less plastic wrapped food, and recycling as much as possible. I eat primarily plant-based and I don’t throw away food. The past few years I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy and need to spent time in nature. There are plenty of amazing parks in London, but trips home to Denmark and spending time by the seaside is balm for my soul. I think finding the balance between what works for you and still being conscious of your impact on the world is key to a sustainable lifestyle.
What is your plan of action to make eco fashion the new fashion norm?
Haha. Still working on that. I hope my blog can help inspire and educate people to make more conscious choices about their fashion shopping habits. I think it’s so important that brands take responsibility for how their products are produced, but I’ve heard so many companies say that it’s not worth changing because the consumer doesn’t care. So, I really think it’s time we started to care. Voting with your money for the world you want has more impact than most realise. If you think it’s a jungle to figure out the most environmentally friendly brands (which it is), my best advice is to just buy quality instead of quantity. Buy something you’ll love and wear for years and your impact is already smaller than if you’re constantly buying something new. And trust me, it is actually cheaper in the long run.