A MUD Jeans diary

Summer has ended. That means a busy office and many cappuccino’s because the full Team MUD Jeans is back to work. Let’s give you an insight. Since photo’s speak a thousand words, find some pictures of a week at MUD Jeans. Call it a diary. As you can see we’re having serious meetings, are overwhelmed by returned MUD Jeans (thanks for sending those old jeans back!) and we still like to watch our all-time favourite youtube video… ‘the honey badger’.

The past months have passed by in the wink of an eye. So many things have happened, yet so many new ideas and plans are waiting to be executed. In all the tumult, we took a minute to sit and look around, to share with you what we are working on and take some photo’s of the people who help us fulfil our mission of creating our own Circular Denim Economy, to not only clean up the planet, but also relieve it. This idea then led into Lease A Jeans. After all, why should you own one pair of jeans for life? Due to this leasing program, lots of beautiful old jeans come back to our office every week. For us old is not grey – rather great. The cotton of these old jeans we re-use to make new yarn, then denim fabric, out of which beautiful new jeans arise…

As well as the many MUD Jeans that have returned to us, the full MUD Team has returned (and some new have joined) after a happy summer. Additionally we have a fresh and international team of interns consisting of the French Victor, English Grace, Dutch Zareb and Charlotte and Austrian Nina. What is this team working on you may wonder? Well, nice to mention is that our new B2B portal is ready, which enables retailers to have easy access to all marketing information and pictures as well as placing orders and receiving stock information. Hugely useful. Furthermore we continue to make new marketing plans to trigger and empower consumers to think circular. And of course we keep developing our product range. Transseasonal yet inspiring. This winter we will add some new denim items. Keep an eye on us to be in the know. But for now, be distracted and watch ‘the honey badger’ just google ‘crazy nastyass honey badger’ or shop some of our favourite jeans.