300 jeans with beauty mistakes, a collaboration with Growthinkers and a lot of extra love in form of handwork led to our limited edition: saved by minimalism.

After celebrating this rescue mission at the Geitenwollenwinkel on the 30th of October, Jelle from Growthinkers put in words what this collaboration is all about.  We upcycled a grey jeans with little beauty mistakes inspired by three mindsets. Those three mindsets are our mindsets of hope for the future. Because we actually believe that hope is going to change the world. So let’s launch the jeans of hope! Let Jelle explain you the three mindsets. sustainability_mud_jeans_saved_by_minimalisme
First. The Growth Mindset.
At the bottom of the trousers there is an embroidered quote: keep on growing. The growth mindset stands for doing and learning things, also when they are not easy. Personal growth is something I came in contact with in Brazil when I read ‘Think and grow rich’ from Napoleon Hill. That book taught me to battle my fears which is something I write about in my book: Longing for Less.

Growing as a person is about not competing and being free.

Not chasing for more but being grateful for what you have.

Second. The Minimalist Mindset.
We stripped the back pockets. They stand for The Minimalist Mindset: As long as we play the ‘more’ game, we are playing the wrong game. Why not stay flexible & small? Play the ‘better’ and ‘enough’ game. Ask yourself: What is enough? Is it useful? Is it adding value? Why do I want this? Does this align with my values?
Third. The Sustainable Mindset:
The ‘more’ game is killing the planet. Save it. Ask yourself: Where can I divest and invest? Can I get money away from companies that still invest in malpractices like fossil energy and where can I invest in companies that actually make a change? Let’s refuse, reuse, recycle, upcycle, reduce, share and save our stuff, food, transport, living and energy to reduce our impact. Keep on growing. We believe in you.