The Sustainability Report

We’ve crunched the numbers and got the results: Our second sustainability report – out now. As a circular company our footprint is minimizing steadily. Everyday we’re working on having an impact on the fashion industry rather than on our planet. That’s why our sustainability strategy is based on these three pillars: Circular Economy, Fair Factories and Positive Activism.

The environmental low-down

1 mio Until 2019 we saved 550 million litters of water. 1 Until 2019 we avoided 1.500.000 kilos of CO2. 1 Until 2019 we saved 20.000 jeans from landfill and incineration. What we’re most proud of this year: Thanks to innovative techniques and the use of recycled post-consumer denim we’re now saving on average 92% of water throughout our production compared to industry standards.

Future Goals

Circular Economy

Circularity is the core of MUD Jeans’ business model. We design, produce and sell keeping this model in mind.

On our 2020 agenda: a pair of jeans made of 100% post-consumer cotton

Fair Factories

We consciously source our goods in nearby factories. We are able to visit the factory frequently. And we have the same mindset as the factory owners; transparency – fair wages – good working conditions are at the top of our list.

On our 2020 agenda: Conducting a new social audit of our factories

Positive Activism

Sharing is caring. As pioneers in circular denim we hold a responsibility to drive change.

On our 2020 agenda: Inspire people weekly through our talks about circular economy


Geek out on the numbers

We source our data like we source our materials – responsibly. That’s why we conducted a Life Cycle Assessment together with Ecochain to find out the full impact of every. single. jeans. of our collection. That’s a lot of data and we’re more than excited to share it with you. To get a closer look at the numbers, sign up to our CSR Webinar on May 20th, 15:00PM CET. READ LIFECYCLE ANALYSIS


For those overwhelmed by the report – we've got your back. Find your perfect fit and see the resources you save by choosing MUD Jeans over a conventional pair of denim. – Doing good can be so easy. FIT QUIZ MEN FIT QUIZ WOMEN