“Let’s talk about how we measure our impact, our sustainability strategy and our kick-ass goals for 2020.”

With our first sustainability report, ever, we both look at the past and the future. As a circular denim brand and B Corp, we have made one hell of an impact during the last years, of that we are sure. Modern transparency is what we live by. In this light, we are extremely proud and excited to share with you how we strive to be even more sustainable and circular.

Impact recap

Thanks to fast fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste, the fashion industry earned itself a place amongst the most polluting industries worldwide. And to make it even worse, nearly three-fifths of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced. With it’s circular denim, MUD Jeans want to radically change the fashion industry for the better.

We believe that the circular economy is the solution to today’s demanding fast fashion industry. By producing circular denim we save water, CO2 and waste. We are basically changing the world.


We saved 300 million litters of water in the last 3 years.


In the last 3 years we avoided 700.000 kilos of CO2. 


We have saved 12.000 jeans from landfill and incineration in the last 3 years.


Our factories

We are consciously sourcing our goods in nearby factories. We are able to visit the factory frequently. And we have the same mindset as the factory owners; transparency – fair wages – good working conditions are at the top of our list which is also embodied in our Code Of Conduct. 

In 2018, just like in 2017, 100% of our jeans where produced at Yousstex International, our garment manufacturer in Tunisia.

Our fabrics with recycled cotton come from Tejidos Royo in Spain. Tejidos Royo works together with their Spanish neighbours Recovertex to recycled our old denim into new fabrics. By using these fabrics to produce new jeans we are closing the loop.

“We work with 3 supply chain partners. This form of transparency contributes to a more sustainable and conscious way of producing clothes.”

In our sustainability report you can find our strategy and goals for 2020. Here is a recap of some of our favourites:

By 2020,

we want to develop one jeans fabric which is 100% recycled, ambitious, we know!

By 2020,

100% of all MUD Jeans components are designed for recycling.

By 2020,

we will conduct an updated LCA study in order to set CO2 reduction goals that go beyond being carbon neutral.

By 2020,

we will conduct a new social audit to gain new insights in the wage situation, working environment and equality at Yousstex International.

The future is circular

2019 will bring us a lot of insights from within our Supply chain and products. We can’t wait to obtain all this knowledge and take steps from there. No worries, we will take you along with us.

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