The Fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, yet 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes are never worn. Here's a crazy thought: What if we didn't buy anything new this summer? The Slow Fashion Summer brings together a big crowd that wants to make a change.

Join forces for Slow Fashion

Do you want to make the world a better place, but sometimes have the feeling that your actions are only a drop in the ocean? Then you are the reason why CollAction introduced crowdacting: taking action knowing you are one of many. This summer they're taking on a big issue: The fast fashion industry. Did you know that it accounts for a water consumption of 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools and produces more greenhouse gases than international shipping and aviation combined? But: This also means we can make a huge impact. If 2500 people participate, we will save up to 90 million liters of water and prevent 360 thousand kilograms of CO2 being emitted! Be the change and sign up for Slow Fashion Summer.

If 2500 people commit to not buying any new clothes in the summer of 2018, we’ll all do it!

Time for action - time for Slow Fashion Summer!

Now we know the numbers, it's time to get creative. Dig deep into your closet to find your old favorite T-shirt, swap your clothes or buy second-hand. Did you know that you can also buy a pre-loved Vintage MUD-Jeans? Or that we offer a free repair service for your favorite pair of MUD jeans? We believe in Slow Fashion from the bottom of our heart - show your support and join the biggest crowdact of this summer!