[[ROW-INTRO]]Finally March is here! With it, it brings the beginning of spring and the exciting collaboration between Justdiggit and MUD Jeans. Justdiggit is an international NGO, founded in the Netherlands. Their work is focused on tackling global warming by re-growing trees and restoring landscapes in the region of Africa. MUD Jeans will be supporting their hard work by donating the funds needed to re-grow a tree every time a pair of jeans is returned. The objective is to restore 10,000 trees, in Dodoma, Tanzania by the end of the year. [[ROW-INTRO-END]]



Why not just plant trees?


If you read carefully you probably noticed that we specifically said re-growing trees not planting trees. This was on purpose. MUD Jeans wants  to do more than just lowering our own impact. We want to actively support initiatives that create more good and help reverse climate change. Planting trees is a common solution to help capture carbon and tackle global warming. Many companies use this solution to offset their Co2. However, this approach can be tricky because it is difficult to be sure that the trees you plant will grow and that they are good for the ecosystem they are being integrated in. In other words, you run the risk of planting many trees, but no real natural life forming around it.


MUD Jeans JustDiggit Tree Re-growing


Justdiggit does things differently. As an organization they believe in nature based solutions to tackle climate change. Their work is focused on regreening dry lands with ancient techniques, modern technology and a strong communication approach. They do this by helping forgotten tree stumps come back to life with a special pruning technique. One by one they begin to grow again. The results are magnificent! The restored trees bring biodiversity back, creating a healthy balance for all living things. As the re-grown trees grow, they capture more and more CO2 which helps tackle global warming. They also help retain more water in the soil and make the soil more fertile. Their leaves and shade also help maintain the moisture of the soil. All of these benefits play an important role in healthy agriculture.

All this work is done in collaboration with local communities. Local farmers are trained over a period of 3 years where they learn how to use traditional farming techniques for sustainable and regenerative agriculture. With the help of re grown trees local communities are able to enjoy more crop yields.

Curious to learn more about the details of their work click here


MUD Jeans, Carbon & Trees


MUD Jeans is always working hard to lower the impact of our jeans. We ask our customers to send back their old jeans so we can make sure that they don’t end up as waste in a landfill. Instead, we value our material and always recycle it and plug it back in to production to make a new pair of jeans. Even though we are already carbon neutral we found it important to innovate where we can. Since 2016 we have further lowered our Co2 impact by 20%.  Today a pair of MUD Jeans only use 7.14 Kg of Co2 during its manufacturing process. This is a 70% lower impact than industry standard. However, while we are proud of our improvement, we want to do more than just less impact, we want to do more good.


With our collaboration with Justdiggit we aim to further drive the return of old jeans, and in the process help tackle climate change and support communities that, are and will be facing the true impact of global warming. This collaboration marks the beginning of our commitment to be carbon positive and people positive.

Hanni Larma