[[ROW-INTRO]] Once you have found that perfect pair of jeans, you don't want to let it go. And one way to make sure you can enjoy them for as long as possible is by washing them the right way. This quick guide can give some helpful tips on the dos and dont's of denim washing.[[ROW-INTRO-END]]


1. Less is more


This one might seem obvious but is still often overlooked. Washing your jeans too often can make colours fade faster and damage fibres. Instead, hanging your jeans outside for a day, giving them a steam when you're showering or putting them in the freezer overnight can do wonders.


2. Keep cool 


Just like excessive washing, excessive temperature can harm your jeans. Colder washing cycles prevent shrinking and are kinder to the fabric and environment.


3. If you wash, wash green


To avoid polluting of our oceans and environment, consider using sustainable detergents. For example the vanilla cotton detergent by Marcel's Green Soap, made with plant-based materials, at least 97% biodegradable and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. 


4. Wash inside out


Turning your denim inside out before putting it into the washing machine is a simple way to make the colour and fabric last as long as possible.


5. Ditch the tumble dryer


In the denim world, tumble dryers are the ultimate enemy. Apart from unnecessarily using energy, they can shrink and significantly affect the longevity of any denim so opting. Therefore, air drying is the way to go.


6. Full loads only


When you do wash, try to make sure it's full. This saves water, energy and work for you - win win!


7. The ultimate all-rounder - vinegar!


Is there anything vinegar cannot do? Apart from being a kitchen stable and cleaning hack, vinegar can also be used to prevent premature fading of your denim and act as a sustainable softener. Give it a try!


8. Use the eco button on your machine



If you have the time, why not opt for the eco button on your machine. It may seem counter intuitive that these cycles often take longer but actually 90% of the energy used by your washing machine comes from heating the water. The eco button washes at lower temperatures and uses less water.

Lea Landsberg