Have you ever thought about how your clothing is made? Or how you can last as long as possible with your clothes?


The book "The World of Clothing" is made for students and gives a glimpse into the world of the clothing industry. An industry that has a great impact on our environment. A lot of water is used to produce clothes and clothes that are not made from organic cotton use a lot of toxic chemicals. Moreover, a lot of clothing is thrown away and even burned! Time to take a closer look at the clothes you have in your wardrobe and think about ways to make your clothes last longer.

The book contains all kinds of fun lessons, practical tips and beautiful illustrators made by students.

For the book we have made a special Supply Chain Game with author Danielle Schouten. Supply Chain means the full journey of creating a pair of jeans. From cotton crop to jeans in the webshop (or in a regular store). We make our jeans in a sustainable way; for example, we use recycled cotton, organic cotton and ensure that everyone who works on our jeans is paid fairly. From the cotton farmers in India, to the recycle workers in Valencia and the jeans makers in Tunisia.

Enough explanation for now, playing the game is much more fun and educational! Download the game here.


"The World of Clothing" appeared on the occasion of Sustainability Day 2020. It is an initiative of the Sustainable Pabo and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Dion Vijgeboom