Nothing New this Black Friday

[[ROW-INTRO]]This Black Friday we close our online shop and replace it with a personal livestream to sell our vintage jeans.[[ROW-INTRO-END]]

Under the theme of Nothing New on Black Friday you will be able to enter the livestream on Friday 27 8:00am CET and find Team MUD giving out personal fit advice and handpicking vintage jeans for each customer from the jeans returned from our customers. Each pair will be sold for €29 and the proceeds will go to Justdiggit, a landscape regeneration organization.


"Black Friday should not exist at all. It contributes to greed and overconsumption. Isn't it time to detox together?" - Bert van Son


Why Black Friday sucks

Black Friday is an American tradition marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Each year these shopping events increasingly create billions in sales for clothing and other products. This shopping madness generates great volumes of waste with people buying products they often don’t need, solemnly for the sake of not missing out on bargains.


Regenerating landscapes instead

Justdiggit makes dry land green again by inspiring and activating farmers in Africa to regenerate their own land. This has a positive impact on climate change, nature and people. Degraded landscapes are restored using traditional farming techniques, in combination with data, technology and a strong communication approach.

Join the livestream and find the perfect vintage jeans this Black Friday! 

Nina Steinlechner