Green energy and circular jeans. What do they have in common? Well, more then you'd think!

Ever heard of Greenchoice? The coolest Dutch green energy company. Greenchoice is the largest energy provider in the Netherlands that exclusively provides green, sustainable energy. All power and gas supplied by Greenchoice is from renewable sources. For example, they only use power from local sustainable sources and they plant trees to compensate for all gas emissions. They offer power from Dutch windmills.

Sounds quite incredible, right? And one thing is crystal clear: We share the same vision. We speak to the same kind of people. We are both on a mission to accelerate change in our industries. That’s why we are going to unite our powers. 


Of course we are proud of this unique collaboration. The coming months you will hear more about it and you can already read a little more here. Together with Greenchoice we will give you insights and tips on how to live more sustainably and use less energy. Greenchoice has an app for their customers to track their energy use! It’s pretty amazing and full of cool tips & tricks. So keep an eye on our newsletter and blogs and learn more. A sneak peak of what’s to come: something with washing jeans and using energy. A nice topic for discussion. How do you treat your denim right?

Photo by Milton Photo

All in all, we believe that this collaboration will be an example on how different companies across industries can work together. We simply need each other to actually make impact. We hope we will inspire you!