Hey there, we have some exciting news to share! Team MUD has now settled on new grounds in Laren, not too far from Amsterdam, in a beautiful haven of nature.

New-office-mud-jeans-painting For a week now, the entire team has committed all its energy to creating our new sustainable office. We are building a space that breathes the MUD Spirit: inspiring, eco-friendly and welcoming! We love to make furnitures from upcycled materials. For instance, our benches are made out of the food shelves of Petra’s kitchen (our Sales’ fairy). Our beautiful wooden floor has been taken out of our old office to put it back in the new one (we have some cool timelapses to show you). At this right moment, Bert and Dion are building back our favorite plant wall... So much is happening. We cannot wait to share the final result with you soon! Now located in Laren, we are surrounded by nature and have been loving it so far. It makes so much sense for us to be here, in such a peaceful and positive place. Our team has gone on its first group-run today, for a healthy and energizing break! One thing is sure, there will be many more to come. We also wished the summer would go on forever, being able to have lunch outside in the sun is such a treat! Our MUD mascot Louie is absolutely LOVING it so far too. We cannot wait to welcome our future visitors at our sustainable office. Lots of inspiring projects are coming up and we have never been in a better place for it. We’ll be in touch with some news soon, stay tuned! Team MUD