During the MUD Jeans Production Tour in Tunisia we took some time to explore the beautiful little-known Tunisia. From organising a street style photoshoot to going on a culture tour and wandering the Souks. We love to introduce you to the beautiful colours of Tunisia.

- Behind the scenes
We started off the trip with our spontaneous street style photoshoot in Tunis, where we casted our models on the street. Later on the Production Tour we also organised a photoshoot with Tunisian influencers with whom we connected through social media. We loved meeting local influencers and getting them in our MUD Jeans. It was truly inspiring to hear their stories and get to know these women.
- Team MUD on Tour
During the Production Tour, Team MUD had the chance to discover Tunisia together with Engaging Cultures (@engagingcultures). An amazing tourism agency who indulged us into the rich and interesting history of Tunisia. We explored the beautiful ruins of the colosseum in El Jem, a true gem worth visiting for those who ever find themselves in the region. In Kairouan we stopped by several mosques and learnt all about the interesting history and practices of the Islam. Our kind guide, Aisha (yes like this song), answered all our 100 questions patiently.
- Team Crazy
Cruising the Souk of Kairouan we met a group of young breakdancers who performed a little show for us. Before we knew it they were doing backflips in front of us. Crazy! A couple hours later, outside the colosseum of El Jem Victor tried to preform some tricks as well. Result, he almost broke a vase a a little shop near the colosseum. Disaster closely avoided. Luckily for the rest of team MUD, we have everything on tape.
– Be an ambassador

Hereby, we invite you to discover Tunisia with us. We will only make a true impact if we spread the message widely. We would love to have you an board as an ambassador. Share the cool things that we discover in Tunisia and be a messenger of our larger mission as a whole. So follow our tour starting the 9th of April and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Follow our adventure on social media, slides in our DM’s or mail us at info@mudjeans.eu if you have any questions for us or our factory workers.