Manon Lecor is a blogger and author on a mission sharing her love for zero waste, minimalism and fair fashion through wonderful visuals and blogposts in the beautiful French language.

Can you describe yourself in one sentence? My name is Manon, almost 30, I’m a French blogger and author, I strongly believe in zero waste, minimalism and fair fashion. You recently publishd a book. What is it about?  My book deals with professionnal burnout and life changing. It’s about a 25-ish girl who forgot to put happiness in the center of her life and she wants to change that ! I wrote this book because I always wanted to become an author. Writing is trully part of me. This story came from my own experience and from stories I heard from friends. I wanted to share how life has to be fun and happy ! There is not only work and duties… So this book aims at spreading hope and make people think about their own life and expectations. What was the biggest eye opener for you that the fashion industry needs to change? I think the fashion industry should calm down ! Too many clothes, to many trends and brands and products…  But big fashion industry players only care about one thing : make money whatever it takes in term of environment and social issues. So, it is the consumer duty to focus a lot more on people well-being and savoir-faire in order to reduce its consumption and never forget again how clothes are made. Nowadays, consumers can't say there is no other option since many fair fashion brands offer new way of thinking & consuming. If you could go on an adventure tomorrow what would it be? Traveling is for me the best adventure I could aspire to ! I always want to travel and discover new cities, new countries ! So if I could go on an adventure tomorrow, I’ll take a small suitcase, the essentials, and go for a new location !