Sharing stories – Sharing inspiration

It’s time to share the story of yet another inspiring individual that crossed our path and who’s project we’ve completely fallen in love with.  For this time we’d like you to meet Alyssa, a free spirit from the US who started the sustainable accessories company Hiptipico in Guatemala, working closely with artisans who artfully handcraft every single piece.
Supporting Local Cultures
After living in the highlands of Guatemala for 9 months an encounter with a Maya artisan was what got the ball rolling. Starting Hiptipico with the aim to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local Guatemalan artisans while preserving Maya culture and traditions, Alyssa reiterates that the artisans are not working "for" her, but she is working for them: "I started Hiptipico to help create dignified job opportunities for Maya artisans. They want to sell their goods and my job is to help find them clients."
Escaping poverty through craftsmanship
Hiptipico creates an opportunity for Maya artisans to lift themselves out of poverty while they are doing what they love. The company does not interfere with the production process or the creation or design of the products, this way Hiptipico gives the artisans they work with a voice of their own, empowering them to create the products in a personal, unique way, while honouring and preserving traditional Maya craftsmanship.
The Local’s guide to Guatemala
Being a globetrotter herself Alyssa also offers tours to experience the Maya culture firsthand. Join Alyssa for a day or longer and visit artisans’ workshops, get to know the ancient techniques of weaving and dying and get an insider’s glimpse of the local culture, all ethical obviously.