And then we finally arrived in the recycle factory and thereby reached the destination of our trip. On Monday, we met Pablo from “Ferre” factory, where we handed in all our old jeans. Our Defender got suddenly so much lighter and faster without all these 3000 jeans!

At Ferre we were able to see how everything that is not jeans fabric (leather and metals zippers and rivets) are cut from the old jeans. For MUD jeans, the back part of the jeans can be left on and also be recycled, because we are using printed labels instead of leather ones. It was great to see that our circular design really made an impact.

After that we witnessed how the old jeans are shredded and in a long road of machinery are transformed into a new yarn! It was like magic, just a little bit louder and dustier!

On Tuesday, we went to another factory called “Royo”. We were again welcomed warmly and were shown how the yarns are dyed indigo in a sustainable manner and after woven into fabric. It is a real eye opener to see how many steps it takes to produce only the fabric of jeans. Seeing the recycling process in which our jeans get a new life really reassured us that we are on the right track.

We want to share these insights with you! Now we’re preparing our recycle video with all the shots we took from the factories, so that you can see what we saw in Spain. Just a little more patience!