We left Valencia after 2 days of intensively documenting and witnessing the Recycle Process – the goal of the Recycle Tour. A birth of a new yarn of MUD Jeans. It was quite an experience. We felt like we did a good job and it felt right. At that point we realized that we can be completely honest with ourselves and our customers. We were not giving empty promises about sustainable processes because we witnessed it with our own eyes. Even more, we documented the process because we wanted to share it with you.

For us, it will be one unforgettable experience. And not only because of the places we visited and the sights we’ve seen. Never have we thought that there are so many people who can be surely called MUD friends now. Never have we experienced so much kindness and support. Those people around us and a greater purpose made it an experience to remember.

We are not going to rest though. After The Recycle Tour we are more motivated than ever. Moving towards a better world. A world without waste as we imagine it.

recycle-tour-mud-jeans-mudventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZjswM0Qiq8