Marina: The eco-novice from Utah

Marina is born in Utah, United States, which is located exactly 783 kilometers from her so-called second home: California. She grew up in the mountains in which weekend getaways full of hiking, picnicking and trips to the lakes were the norm. This adventurous lifestyle from already a young age led her to a life full of adventures, in which she is now trying to incorporate a more sustainable way of living. Curious about how she does it? Keep on reading.

Quality over quantity

”When it comes to purchasing things, I try to think mostly about quality. Whether it’s a new shirt or food for dinner, it always feels good to know that what I’m wearing or eating has a positive impact on the environment. For example, I love fresh fruit, and some of the best I’ve ever eaten has been straight from our garden, or from a local fruit stand. As far as brands, I really love companies doing what they can for others and for the environment! And that’s why I love working with MUD Jeans – you get both a quality product but at the same time you are also promoting sustainable initiatives in the fashion industry. It’s a win- win.’’

 Embracing all shapes and sizes

Jessica designs for herself and her family first. Her items therefore fit a wide variety of women, from all age groups from 16-65 followed by classic men’s basics. Outside of her brand, she focuses on making ethical gift giving easy as sustainable clothing is very close to her heart. And she certainly does make it easier! Jessica features all kinds of wonderful sustainable goodies -from clothing to jewelry- in her (online) shop.

Eco-friendly companies on the rise 

Marina feels that people are paying more attention to what they are purchasing. ”I think a lot of this comes from the fact that there are more and more companies really being vocal about their eco-friendly, sustainable practices. There are more options to be more ethically-conscious now than there were five, or even a year ago. The mindset is changing. I think more people are realizing that it’s worth it to invest in quality, sustainable brands, rather than cheap, fast purchases.”

Outdoor living

”I love spending time in nature.” From a young age, Marina’s parents made it a priority to go outside. Marina tells us that when she listens to the quiet breeze through the trees or the sound of the tide coming in, she is totally at peace. ”From mountain peaks to sandy beaches, nature is definitely my happy place.” Nature also led Marina to her first experiences in photography. ”One of my first memories was in California. We were planning a fun beach day, and my mom bought us some disposable cameras to play around with. From that day on, I was constantly stealing the family camera, practicing on vacations, or just our front yard. Later I took some photography lessons and now I am hooked for life”. To see Marina’s inspiring pictures and follow her journey, just head to her Instagram.