Interview with our favorite vegan

For 24 hours last month we had an Instagram takeover by one of our favorite bloggers Justine kept calm and went vegan @justinekeptcalmandwentvegan. She took over our story, posting videos answering some questions about her self. The videos are now long gone but luckily we have the questions and answers written down. If you want to find out how Justine survives without bacon and chees then keep on reading.

Could you introduce yourself? 

Hi I’m Justine and I am a vegan and fair fashion blogger from Vienna Austria. Nice to meet you!

What made you decide to go vegan? 

I watched the movie earthlings and I was totally shocked about how the animals are treated in the milk and egg industry. I was already a vegetarian for 10 years at the time, but when I watched this movie I decided that vegan was the only way to go.

Did you notice any improvements in your life after going vegan? 

I don’t support any kind of cruelty regarding animals anymore. That just feels good because I know I’m doing the right thing. Apart from hat my body feels much better since I feed it with healthy vegan stuff. I’m convinced that a plant-based diet is much healthier than drinking milk and eating meat.

Is it sometimes difficult to go out for dinner as a vegan?

No it’s not difficult. Sometimes the choice of vegan means small but I always find something delicious. At least fries and I love fries. It’s just important to talk to the waiter in a non-vegan restaurant and need help.

How did your family and friends react?

My sister already went vegan before me, so she was super happy and my mom decided to go vegan a few days after. Only my grandparents where quit confused by our decision. They thought I was crazy, but it just took a short time for then to except it.

Do you take any supplements, and if so which ones? 

I supplement some vitamins and minerals but I also did this before I went vegan. Selenium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are some important ones to look at. Apart from that I consume super foods such as matcha hemp powder spirulina on a daily basic.

How do you inspire people to become vegan or try out veganism?  

I inspire people by showing them how easy, happy and delicious my personal vegan lifestyle is.

If you want to follow Justine and learn all her recipes by heart, then go ahead an take a look at her blog.