We believe that we can change the status quo, that knowledge is sexy and knowing is cool. We are ready for our next adventure, the Production Tour. An introduction to modern transparency, showing you the next steps in the production process of MUD Jeans. 

- TEAM MUD on Production Tour

You may know this by now but at MUD Jeans are on a mission to change the fashion industry. We want to take the most popular fashion item, a pair of jeans, and produce them in a circular and fair way without losing a timeless sense of style. Two years ago Team MUD drove to Valencia in Spain to bring their first 3,000 returned Lease A Jeans to the recycling factory. We witnessed how new denim fabrics were born. As a follow-up we want to show you how we turn this fabric into new pairs of MUD Jeans. This time we are taking you to Touza, Tunisia, where our factory Yousstex International is based. 

- Need for transparency 

With the dark side of clothing production often highlighted, we believe there is a growing need for transparency. We realise consumers are beginning to expect more from the brands they choose to support and want to know how their purchases affect the environment and communities involved in the process. During the Production Tour we want to introduce you to modern transparency. It is time you meet the makers of your jeans. 

- Jeans are made by people, not machines

We are excited to meet our 450 female and skilled colleagues at Yousstex International who make our jeans and we can't wait to introduce them to you. It is essential for us that the people who make our jeans work in fair conditions and live a good and happy life. Introducing you to our innovative production techniques we will get behind the seam and show you how our different washings are created in the most sustainable way possible. We will dig up our inner geeks and show you how we avoid chemicals and limit water usage in the production of our jeans. 

-  Desert fotoshoots & 

Besides showing you our Supply Chain transparency, we have lots of exciting things planned for the Production Tour. There will be photoshoots in the desert and white cities, as well as collaborations with Tunisian street artists and influencers. 


Be an ambassador

Hereby, we invite you to discover Tunisia with us. We will only make a true impact if we spread the message widely. We would love to have you an board as an ambassador. Share the cool things that we discover in Tunisia and be a messenger of our larger mission as a whole. So follow our tour starting the 9th of April and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Follow our adventure on social media, slides in our DM's or mail us at info@mudjeans.eu if you have any questions for us or our factory workers.