Happy jeans makers, make better jeans

Doing less harm is no longer enough. We go one step further. Our production is good for every person that encounters our products.

We believe in a world where everyone is responsible for cleaning up their own mess. With our circular philosophy, we want to design our products in a way that they can be reused, recycled and upcycled easily. That’s why we don’t use leather labels, but printed ones instead. Worn out jeans are shredded, cut into pieces and blended with virgin cotton. This is how a new MUD Jeans denim yarn is born.

From cotton to circular jeans

Cotton farmers



Shedding, mixing, spinning

Tejidos Royo

Dyeing, weaving

Yousstex International

Stitching, washing

Active Ants


MUD Jeans

Selling jeans, collecting jeans from recycling

A short supply chain 

We aim to create products that are good for the planet and every person that encounters them. That’s why we keep our supply chain short and build long-lasting relations with our suppliers. We’ve put a Code of Conduct in place which you can find here. All of our main supply chain partners have signed our Code of Conduct. This way we can directly create a safer and healthier working environment for our colleagues in and outside the factories. We’ve set three references that help us assess the situation at the factories we work with.

Fair wages

We want to provide fair and equal pay so we can enrich the livelihood of everyone working across our supply chain. Therefore, we aim to pay every worker in our supply chain above minimum wage. 

In 2016, we were audited by the Fair Wear Foundation as we were a part of their Young Designer Program. There were definitely points for improvement, which have been solved through a Corrective Action Plan. In 2022 we have completed our third audit with the Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP).

Working environment

Anybody working full-time knows how much our surroundings influence our mental and physical health. Through conscious product and production choices we aim to empower our factory colleagues through a safe and healthy working environment where their abilities can thrive.


We care for solidarity, inclusiveness and democracy, regardless of race, gender, age, shape or ability. The garment industry is dominated by female workers, 80% of this industry is made up of women between the ages of 18 and 35. MUD Jeans believes that this industry could have a great potential as an emancipatory force for women all around the world. 

That is why equality is high on our agenda. 90% of the workers at Yousstex International are women. For these women, personal development is closely linked to conditions at work and we want to empower them through an equal working environment.