We believe that simple claims about sustainability are just not enough. This is why, every year, we publish our MUD sustainability report. Here, we reflect on our achievements, failures and future goals. It is our way of diving deeper and showing you exactly what we are up to, now and in the future.

Our latest numbers are in 🌍


Water Saved


CO2 Saved

Every year we conduct a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) on our products to find out exactly what their environmental impact is and how much impact we can save through our sustainable materials and methods. The percentages above refer to the average impact of a MUD Jeans. To find out more about how we calculate these values, read our LCA report below. To read our full sustainability report, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Our Mission & Strategy

Our mission is for the fashion industry to be driven by circular production and conscious consumption.

We pioneer with jeans by taking positive action, being transparent and supporting sufficiency. We believe that being mindful of nature and people is a necessity. And we see a future in which the fashion industry finds a way of producing and consuming that does not stand in the way of our enjoyment of this planet, nor that of future generations.

To radically change the fashion industry, our strategy is based on the three pillars below.

Circular Economy

We take back our old jeans and those from other brands to close the loop. Through circular design we ensure that our products can be recycled over and over.

Fair Factories

By maintaining a short supply chain, we foster a close relationship with our partners. By producing consciously, we can create a good working environment for everyone involved.

Positive Activism

Through our pioneering approach we aim to change the status quo within the fashion industry. By being radically transparent, we hope to inspire others to walk the talk with us.

Here's our highlights of the year

Road to 100

The aim of our Road to 100 project was to make a pair of jeans from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton. The outcome of this project would allow us to make new jeans without using any new cotton.

The project began in 2019 and after endless testing and trying together with Saxion University, we finally created our first sample in early 2022. The worldwide first of its kind! This was celebrated with the launch of a mini documentary series.


Trees regenerated & jeans collected for recycling

With every MUD purchase you can send any old jeans back to us for recycling, as long as they are at least 96% cotton. This is our way of preventing jeans from ending up in landfill and valuable resources from being wasted. In 2022 you sent us 3227 old jeans for recycling!

And for every old jeans sent back to us, we donate to the non-profit Justdiggit to regenerate one tree. Through a special pruning technique Justdiggit regenerates forgotten tree stumps in previously deforested areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. This brings back the once naturally occurring trees, which can then store CO2, cool down the area, increase water retention and promote biodiversity.

Van Gogh Museum Collaboration

In 2022 we launched a unique collection that was created in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. The collection was based on a shared passion for a beautiful planet and a belief in a better future.

We have merged intricate artwork with forward-thinking technology and design. Each piece contains 30% hemp fibres that perfectly co-exist with the 20% recycled post-consumer denim and 50% organic cotton.

Koning Willem 1 Award

We were awarded the Koning Willem I Plaquette for sustainable entrepreneurship, awarded by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, in the name of the Koning Willem I Stichting and De Nederlandsche Bank.  

This also meant that we were visited by Her Majesty Queen Máxima in our headquarters!