Wash consciously

In circular design, simplicity is key. There are two main materials that go into every single one of our fabrics: organic cotton, recycled cotton.

Wash less 

Through research we discovered that jeans are mostly washed just out of habit and not because they are actually dirty or stained. This requires lots of water, energy use and it makes your jeans fade quicker. So, only wash when your jeans are actually dirty. Sounds like needless advice, yet we tend to forget and wash out of habit. The real denim freaks suggest to only wash your jeans a few times a year.

Wash cooler 

Save 30% of energy by washing at 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees. In the case of stains, it is even better to add extra stain remover than to increase the temperature.

Use the eco button 

The energy label of your washing machine is based on the use of the eco button during all your washes. Do you have an eco-button but never tried it out? Truth or dare, let’s go eco on your next wash.

Inside out 

Washing your jeans turned inside out will help to keep your jeans from fading and maintains the quality. Plus, having them turned inside out keep the other clothes in the wash from constantly rubbing and bumping along the outside of them.

Tip! While our jeans don't release microplastics when washing, many products that contain higher percentages of elastane or other synthetic fibres, do. They harm the environment, that's why it's good to use a Guppyfriend washing bag, against microplastic pollution from washing. 
Use vinegar 

Adding some drops of white vinegar to your jeans first wash cycle helps prevent premature fading, keeping the jeans looking new even after you’ve worn them many times. Especially when the jeans are dark and new, and still give off color, vinegar helps to adhere the dye to the denim.

Hang dry 

There is nothing worse for your jeans than a tumble dryer. The jeans shrink, and it requires unneeded energy use. If you hang your jeans outside, you can best do this inside out to prevent discoloration. Hang your jeans as soon as possible after washing. And repeat after us: never-ever-tumble-dry-your-jeans.

Air wash 

Don’t use a washing machine at all! Just hang your clothes outside for a night. The fresh air that breezes trough your clothes will make your clothes smell fresh the next morning. Check the weather forecast beforehand and take a deep breath to check the outside smells in your neighbourhood.

Say no to 

Never use powder detergent as this can leave stains on dark jeans. Preferably use a (mild) liquid color detergent, as it usually does not contain bleach and ensures that colors do not fade. Always use a detergent for dark clothes for dark or black jeans. And important: never use fabric softener when washing your jeans! To really wash sustainable, check out Seepje’s detergent, made from peels of Sapiundus trees.

Gentle treatment 

For styles in darker colours such as black, we recommend using a gentle wash cycle or opting for a hand wash. When machine washing, if possible, lower the spinning speed to the gentlest setting. This prevents white stripes and minimizes wear and tear on your jeans, enhancing their lifespan.