The fashion industry faces a significant waste problem, and we're on a mission to tackle it. Imagine if clothing brands took responsibility for their products at the end of their life. That's exactly what we do. When you no longer wear your jeans, we take them back, recycle them into stunning new denim, and ensure that the materials continue their journey of renewal.

Reduce waste

Together we close the loop, recycling old jeans into new.


Get a discount

Return an old pair and get a 10% discount on your new jeans.


Planet friendly

Using a high percentage of recycled denim equals lots of water savings.


Join the movement

De-clutter and be part of the circular movement.

Waste isn’t waste until you waste it.

So how does it work? When you purchase a new pair of jeans, you can effortlessly return an old pair. We extend this invitation to all brands, provided the jeans are primarily composed of at least 96% cotton. And that's not all - you get a 10% discount on your brand new MUD jeans.

Restore a tree

With every pair of jeans returned, we give life to a new tree. That's why we urge you to send your worn jeans back to us. As an incentive, we've partnered with Justdiggit, an organization dedicated to regenerating trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. For each pair of jeans we recycle, they restore a tree.

Magic of recycling

Your old jeans are sent to our recycling partner in Valencia. There, they are cut into smaller pieces and shredded into cotton fibers. These fibers are blended with organic cotton. The resulting mixture is spun into a fresh yarn, which is later dyed and woven into exquisite new fabric. Our denim factory in Tunisia then crafts these fabrics into brand new jeans.

When you wear Mud Jeans, you're wearing a symbol of empowerment—the power to effect positive change through your fashion choices. Together, we can close the loop!