Where fashion meets love for our planet

For us, pre-loved jeans are the foundation for brand-new jeans. We recycle your worn jeans with love, into new yarn and new fabric, minimizing water usage to create the next generation of denim. Look fabulous, stay on-trend, and let your denim be the voice for our planet.


Creating a waste-free world, that’s what we stand for.

With closed-loop post-consumer recycled denim, we breathe new life into our jeans, giving them a fresh start and extending their journey.

Why jeans? Well, jeans are one of the most polluting items in fashion. Using an estimated 7.000 litres of water and nasty chemicals. With over 1 billion jeans being sold yearly, the impact of recycling jeans and using organic cotton can be huge.

In order to radically change the fashion industry, we focus on three pillars:

Circular Economy 

A circular economy is an alternative from the traditional linear ‘take, make and waste’ system. In a circular economy, fabrics are kept at their highest value during use, and re-enter the production process after use, never ending up as waste. At the moment our jeans contain up to 40% post-consumer recycled cotton. For us the sky is not the limit, we always try to improve our products. Our goal is to be the first to introduce jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton.  

Fair Production

A pair of jeans made by happy people – totally possible! MUD Jeans only works together with selected manufacturers that ensure the wellbeing of everybody involved. Our jeans are made with Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. GOTS monitors that the farmers work in fair and safe conditions, and that no pesticides, insecticides, or toxic chemicals are used at an stage. 

Mr. Habib Ben Mansour, the owner of Yousstex International, our jeans supplier, takes good care of his staff and says that he makes noble products. We 100% agree.

Positive Activism

With a smile on our face, we tell the world how recycling jeans and using innovative production techniques will change the world for the better. By sharing knowledge and being transparent we aim to inspire others to walk the talk. Entrepreneurs and students, you are invited to share your interview questions during our monthly Zoom about ‘being a circular business’.

Let's all go circular?

There is one tiny challenge here. In order to make the circular economy an attractive proposition in fashion, recycled cotton would have to be cheaper than newly produced cotton, and not the other way around. However, this is not the case or rather, not yet. We take on the challenge. We want to be the pioneering brand showing the world that we can create a circular denim brand anyhow.

The MUD Method 👖


By making jeans from recycled denim we avoid waste and cut down on water and CO2 use. Our jeans contain 40% recycled denim, we aim to launch the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled denim.

Fair Production

If something is surprisingly cheap, someone else, somewhere in the world, is paying for it. That’s why we keep our supply chain short. The denim experts in the factories earn above minimum wage.


Bye, old and dirty techniques used to create jeans. We eliminated PP spray, use Cradle2Cradle (C2C) indigo dye and our factory’s laundry recycles 95% of its water through reverse osmosis. Also, our paper tags are OEKO- TEX certified.


By conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we can share the exact environmental impact of every jeans in our collection. The LCA is carried out by Ecochain. Our frequent visits to our factories are always shared on social media and we answer all questions.


6 Collections a year? No. Our styles are seasonless and made to last. We want you to wear your MUD Jeans as long as possible. That’s why we make classic fits and only occasionally add a new fashionable style or colour.

Lower CO₂ impact

Every year we measure the CO2 impact of our jeans and publicly share this information. For the past 4 years we have been able to continously reduce the CO2 impact of our jeans!

Send old jeans

We take back pre-loved denim, whatever brand they are from. They just need to be made from 96% cotton or more. New customers get €10,- off their purchase or a month free lease and we’ll recycle your old jeans into new, cool denim.

Organic Cotton 

Any non-recycled cotton we use is OCS-certified organic. This cotton is guaranteed to come from sources where no toxic chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds are used.

Let's not forget your sexy butt!

We are here to shake up your denim experience, creating exceptional jeans with an unwavering love for our planet.
Our denim is a blend of cutting-edge style understated and timeless, making you feel utterly fantastic. We're all about versatility, offering styles that effortlessly swing from casual to sophisticated. Each pair of jeans carries a unique story and we're all about treasuring and keeping those stories alive.