The 10th of October is Sustainability Day in the Netherlands (an initiative by Urgenda – in Dutch called De Dag van de Duurzaamheid).

One of this year’s initiatives is a national day to collect jeans. For us, at MUD Jeans! We will be using the cotton of your old jeans for our new MUD Jeans. After all, everybody has an old pair of jeans in their wardrobe. We will recycle them into new jeans as part of the circular economy.

Wondering what the circular economy is? Well let’s go for the easy explanation: we live in a linear take, make and dispose system, although we know our resources aren’t infinite. In the textile industry, we throw away a lot of clothing. That’s why we have to change the way we do business. In a circular economy, there is no waste. At MUD Jeans we use old jeans — the waste — as the resource for new denim products. We have made the circular economy practical by introducing the Lease A Jeans concept and by using our old MUD Jeans for new jeans. But we can also use jeans from other brands. The only requirement is that they consist of 96% cotton.

We often get the question where people can hand in their old jeans. Everybody likes to be a part of something good. Especially when it is as simple as handing in an old jeans. At the moment it is only possible to hand in old jeans after ordering a new pair in our webshop. Our website orders are delivered in a Repack envelope. This same envelope can be used to send back your old jeans in order to get a €10,- discount on the newly ordered pair.

Especially for Sustainability Day we have created almost fifty locations throughout the Netherlands to collect jeans. The locations vary from Stayokay hostel spots to the Store for Brands at Utrecht Centraal (in between platform nine and eleven).

Check all the locations here

So, get those worn out jeans out of your wardrobe. Snap a picture right before handing in your old jeans, use #DVDD17 and make chance to become the lucky winner of a pair of MUD Jeans.