The story of Jessica: creating her own brand

Jessica, owner of SALT – a sustainable fashion brand that supports other sustainable brands like MUD Jeans – thrives on creativity, adventure and the desire to lead a life true to herself. These reasons made her take the leap to be her own boss, creating the ultimate dream daily while educating the life of those around her. ’’I love the fact that I can share this drive with other young entrepreneurs in the hopes of inspiring them to follow their hearts to an eternal bliss too!’’ Want to learn more about her and her life changing move? You can find it all below!

Conscious spring island

Canada, the second largest country in the world, has like many countries a diverse population with varied beliefs.”Many Canadians have a passion for some form of consciousness whether that be environmental or spiritual.” Though, she feels that as a nation they are only just starting to connect the dots. ”It’s different here in Salt Spring Island, the beautiful community is flushed with conscious people. The island is full of farms, makers and free thinkers. It is inspiring to be surrounded by such spellbinding beauty and with its famous tourism season, it is a perfect spot for a conscious shopping fiesta!”

 Embracing all shapes and sizes

Jessica designs for herself and her family first. Her items therefore fit a wide variety of women, from all age groups from 16-65 followed by classic men’s basics. Outside of her brand, she focuses on making ethical gift giving easy as sustainable clothing is very close to her heart. And she certainly does make it easier! Jessica features all kinds of wonderful sustainable goodies -from clothing to jewelry- in her (online) shop.

Led by her passion

Jessica has every right to feel proud about her journey that led her to where she is now. She tells us that she has witnessed many ups and downs in her career but has pushed through them all to be the success that she is today. ”It’s been hard at times, but I have been always led by my passion and the trust I have put in myself”. And that’s exactly a way of thinking we at MUD Jeans believe in, making it one of the many reasons we’re extremely proud to present Jessica’s inspiring story to you.