Hot sustainability news: New circular label and win an award

There are great news for everyone involved in sustainable fashion and circularity: The Circul'R Ecosystem network recently created a label for circular economy start-ups. And you can enter the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018 with your sustainable project until end of August.

Circul'R connecting circular start-ups

It all started with a great trip: Jules Coignard and Raphaël Masvigner travelled around the world to meet 50 entrepreneurs in 22 countries - from the Himalaya to the desert, all in their MUD Jeans! Back from their world tour, they created Circul'R as the first international network of circular start-ups. Just now, they launched the Circul'R Ecosystem label aims to bring circular economy entrepreneurs together in a collaborative ecosystem. It was created to address the common challenges circular start-ups around the world are facing and to accelerate the the transition towards a circular economy. Of course MUD Jeans signed their manifesto right away - join the movement, too!

Welcome to: Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018

The initiator of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018, Jak&Jil, dreams of a world where sustainable fashion is the norm, in which every piece of clothing is produced in high-quality design, considering several ethical and environmental aspects. But until this becomes a reality, they aspire to find fashion brands (from emerging to well established ones) that are taking the necessary steps to reduce its footprint and reward the one with the most sustainable idea. To put the cherry on the cake: Half of the prize goes for the winner project and the other half for an NGO (partner of the SFA 2018) picked by the winner.

Call for entries - is your brand leading the way to a sustainable future?

The Sustainable Fashion Awards is open to designers and brands from every country, being either emerging talents or professionals, who are leading the way to a sustainable future, and have at least one completed project on this matter. The enrolled project can range from one garment to a full collection, and must fit into at least one of these socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly actions described below.
Eligible Sustainable Features:
  • Handmade pieces
  • Local manufacturing
  • Develop fair trade
  • Smart design
  • Zero fabric waste
  • Animal welfare
  • Use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials
  • Consider the full lifecycle of a product.

If you strongly believe that your brand is making fashionable products as well as carrying a responsible attitude when it comes to the environment and the people in it, please subscribe! Don’t miss your chance of winning $3.000 dollars and still donating the same amount to a NGO partner of this movement. For more information about the Sustainable Fashion Award 2018, check out the Terms & Conditions or FAQ at .