The growth of a circular jeans company

Now, at the beginning of 2018, we can conclude that we are a proud and happy crowd. In 2017 MUD Jeans made a bold shift. At least, that is what it feels like to us. A shift from a start-up to a serious circular jeans company. We have been featured in blogs worldwide, now sell our jeans in 250 stores, got a new B2B portal for our retailers and we have been featured on Dutch national television in Tegenlicht, our favourite TV-show where Kate Rayworth explained her “Doughnut economics”.
- A circular what?
What exactly does it mean to be a circular denim company and to apply the principles of the circular economy. And what exactly is the Circular Economy again?  Let’s get it straight for once and always. The Circular Economy is a system in which everything is reused and waste doesn’t exist. An ecosystem in which everything is in perfect harmony with the environment. Functioning within a natural balance, without pushing the boundaries of the planet.
- A world without waste
We believe in a world without waste. We believe in a world where everyone is responsible for cleaning up their own mess. With our circular design we want to design our products in a way that they can be reused, recycled and upcycled easily. That’s why we don’t use leather labels, but printed ones instead. Worn out jeans are shredded, cut into pieces and blended with virgin cotton. This is how a new denim yarn is born. All MUD Jeans are produced from post-consumer recycled and organic cotton.
- Lease a jeans
The idea of creating our own Circular Denim Economy, not only to clean up the planet, but also to relieve it, led to the revolutionary concept Lease A Jeans. While we are all using up our planet’s resources, it was time to stop for a second and ask ourselves: do we really need to own one pair of jeans for life? Or could we wear our jeans and send them back after use? You then become a user of the raw materials and pay for the performance only. We are very excited to announce that after launching the Lease A Jeans concept in 2013 we are now 5000 leasers strong and this is still growing.
- Walk the talk
2017 has taught us that we can achieve our goals and improve the status quo while being profitable as a circular company as long as we keep on believing in our mission and our products. For 2018 we hope more and more people will not only talk about sustainability but actually start making their sustainability goals come true.