[[ROW-INTRO]]In 2014, MUD Jeans was one of the first Dutch companies to call itself a B Corp. B Corps (short for Benefit Corporations) harness the power of business and use profit and growth as a means to achieve a greater goal - positive impact for employees, communities and the environment. [[ROW-INTRO-END]]

Via an extensive B Corp assessment, a company must demonstrate that it meets strict social criteria in areas such as governance, employees, customers and the environment. In the assessment, a company must score at least 80 points on a scale from 0 to 200 to become a certified B Corp. This assessment must be repeated every three years. MUD Jeans has now completed the assessment for a third time and has a score of 124.7.

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This is a big improvement from 87.7 points in 2017. The higher score is due to improvements in corporate governance, value to customers and our efforts to measure and reduce our impact on the environment. “Through this assessment, we have also been able to identify new improvement targets that we hope to integrate in the coming years, such as increasing our use of renewable energy,” said founder Bert van Son.

“The slogan: 'Using business as a force for good' says it all,” according to Bert van Son. “We were one of the first B Corps in 2014 and are pleased to see this group of companies growing. All companies with an intrinsically motivated goal to make the world a bit more beautiful through their business.”

Meanwhile, 3,500 companies spread over 70 countries can call themselves a B Corp. In the Netherlands there are 88. In addition to MUD Jeans, these include Tony's Chocolonely, Dopper and Triodos Bank.

A B Corp is obliged to amend the articles of association. Firstly, the corporate purpose of the company must be laid down in the articles of association. In addition, the task of the board must be described in the articles of association in such a way that the social objective is always taken into account in decision-making.

MUD Jeans is proud to belong to a group of companies that are redefining success in business and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. “I would not have dared to dream eight years ago that after 8 years of trial and error and circular entrepreneurship we would make it to the top 5 best B Corps in the Netherlands,” says Bert van Son.

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