“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb



MUD Jeans is the world’s first circular denim brand. As such we are pioneers in circular denim. Since the creation of the brand in 2012 we have gone a long way, and we keep improving. Today, your pair of MUD Jeans is designed to live a long life and be recycled multiple times over. Check the label of your jeans, and you will notice that they already contain recycled cotton from old jeans, combined with OCS-certified organic cotton.

Your MUD Jeans use zero toxic chemicals and saves 70% CO2 and 92% water compared to industry standard. Every year we want to do better!



However, our accomplishments and positive journey with circularity would not have been possible without the solid partnership we hold with our supply chain partners. Circularity is only possible through partnership, and in particular with supply partners that share your vision and goals.



Our Supply Chain Partners

The 3 main supply chain partners of MUD Jeans 
      1. Recover: This is a factory based in Spain where our old jeans are sent for recycling. They shred the jeans and create a fibre that is blended with organic cotton. The final product is a yarn that contains both types of cotton.

      2. Tejidos Royo: Close by to Recover, Royo is a factory that dyes the yarns and weaves them into different fabrics.

      3. Yousstex International: This factory is based in Tunisia. They cut, stitch and wash the fabric to create the final MUD Jeans product.

Each of our supply chain partners hold valuable sustainable manufacturing techniques. For example, according to the HIGG Index, Recover makes the lowest-impact cotton fiber in the global market, Tejidos Royo is energy self-sufficient through its go-generation station, and Yousstex International recycles 95% of its water, refilling the 5% with rain water. These are just a few examples. To find out more check out our website. Each of their innovative techniques help us create a better and more sustainable pair of jeans.


Special Award

In November 2020 Tejidos Royo was selected by the European Commission as the winner of the European Business Award for the Environment (EBAE) 2020-2021, Business Process, for its early adoption of Dry Indigo technology. Dry indigo is an innovative foam dying technique that is used in the yarn dying process. This technique uses zero water, 86% less chemicals and 65% less energy. We use a fabric produced with this technique for styles such as the Regular Swan Authentic Indigo and the Regular Bryce Authentic Indigo. We are proud to see Tejidos Royo receive great recognition for its hard work.



Strength in circularity

Partnership is central in circularity. For us it has been the corner stone for progress and innovation. At the same time, it has created a great sense of solidarity. During the hard times of COVID-19 we noticed that there was great strength in the circular business model. On one side this is due to our production approach of trans-seasonal collections, no massive stock ordering, no sales. However, simultaneously it was enforced by the solid partnership we had with our suppliers. It brought trust, stability, and innovation, at a time where there was great uncertainty worldwide.

Laura Vicaria