[[ROW-INTRO]]MUD Jeans is based in the Netherlands but our mission goes beyond. Across Europe, we are proud to see more and more sustainable fashion enthusiasts join the MUD family. The "MUD Around The World" series is our way of showcasing some of the places where MUD Jeans are worn. For this blog, we show you our favourite French MUD stores, how some French fashionistas style our jeans, and which sustainable French sources to follow.[[ROW-INTRO-END]]


A passion for sustainable fashion


According to Annick Jéhanne, president of Fashion Green Hub, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable fashion (la mode durable) across France. More specifically, individuals prefer sustainable fashion and jeans made in France or close by. French consumer are also "transforming how they buy clothing, leaning towards zero waste and buying less" says Annick Jéhanne. Partly for these reasons, we see a continuously growing interest in our approach to sustainable fashion and have enjoyed some great partnerships across the country.


Some of our favourite fashion inspirations from France


We love our French MUD ambassadors and how they style their MUD Jeans.



Paolo Luka-Noé




Ascelle Lou








Charlotte Lemay




Our favourite French partner stores


MUD Jeans are sold in over 60 stores all over France. Here's three of our favourite ones:


1. Venitz


Venitz is a sustainable boutique in the heart of Biarritz selling sustainable fashion that is recycled, organic, handmade, and/or made in France. What we especially love about them: their couture upcycling line. After 14 years of working at Chanel ateliers, Morgane now gives second hand, vintage and unsold items a second life as beautiful, unique pieces. See more here.





2. Mat Green Concept


After growing up on an island, Mathilde pursued a career in fashion in Paris but quickly noticed all that went wrong in the industry. So she opened her own sustainable concept store in Bordeaux focusing on ethical, responsible and organic fashion based in Europe.





3. Aujourd’hui Demain


We also love this vegan concept store based in Paris. Visit them to find ethical, eco-responsible and vegan fashion but also pottery, cosmetics, and more. The best part: they also offer vegan delicious & beautiful pastries and cakes.






Our favourite French sources to follow


1. The Good Goods


The Good Goods is a great source to find out about sustainable fashion brands. They provide information on brands' histories and their values and give an evaluation of their sustainability.



The Good Goods website




2. WeDressFair


WeDressFair lets you shop from sustainable fashion brands, with the option to filter for those values that you find most important. They also give reviews on external brands that their followers would like to know about.




We Dress Fair website




3. Make my clothes great again


"Make my clothes great again" is a great instagram account to follow if you want to stay informed through the platform. The account is run by Mathilde Lepage, who wrote a book around sustainable fashion and gives you the latest news and infos around the topic.




Make my clothes great again instagram account
Lea Landsberg