[[ROW-INTRO]]In 2019 we began our Road to 100 journey, aiming to create the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled denim. This may be our most ambitious project so far and, to us, also one of the most important.[[ROW-INTRO-END]]


What is this all about?


So far, our jeans contain up to 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) denim. A number we are incredibly proud of, but we didn't want to stop there - this is how our Road to 100 project was born. The goal: create a jeans from 100% PCR denim. Together with our partner Saxion University, we carried out endless testing and optimising to ensure these jeans would not just be impressive in theory but also match the expectations we all have of a perfect pair of jeans.


Why is it so important?


The Road to 100 project is a major milestone in our efforts to continuously reduce our environmental impact and produce the most sustainable denim. For us, it represents a very important step in tackling the textile waste issue within the fashion industry. Globally, 92 million tonnes of textile waste are created every year, of which a significant proportion is post-consumer waste. By using 100% post-consumer recycled denim, we can directly contribute to solving this problem.



We have exciting news!


The wait is finally over and we are excited to share with you what we have achieved so far! On June 21st we are launching a documentary series, showing you our journey throughout this incredible project. Jennifer Hoffman is hosting our livestream Road to 100 Watch Party on our YouTube channel, followed by a live Q&A with our CEO Bert van Son and our Co-founder Dion Vijgeboom. 


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Lea Landsberg