Cotton farmers 

Any non-recycled cotton we use is certified organic cotton. This cotton is guaranteed to come from sources where no toxic chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds are used. Our fabrics are certified through OCS, which stands for Organic Content Standard.

All the virgin cotton that is mixed with our recycled cotton is OCS certified. Through this process of certification we know that our cotton comes from Turkey and India. Through the OCS certification we can trust that the farmers who grow and pick the cotton do not have to handle toxic chemicals.

The Organic Content Standard is a certification created by the non-profit Textile Exchange. Because our fabrics use a combination of recycled and organic cotton, they are certified as OCS Blended. Through this certification we know that no insecticides or pesticides were used for the virgin cotton that is used for our jeans.

By using OCS cotton we can be sure that no insecticides or pesticides were used during cotton production.

From seed to fibre

The cotton is picked by the farmer, who must be certified according to organic farming standards. Only then can the cotton be sold to a trader that is OCS certified. The picked cotton is cleaned to remove the seed and any other plant leftovers. Further steps take place to brush the cotton into a thick string-shaped "carded sliver." The cotton is further combed, cleaned and stretched across multiple processes. At Recover the organic cotton is then blended in with the recycled cotton to create a new yarn.