Unveiling Denim Reborn, our journey that redefines the way we think about denim and its impact on our planet. At the heart of Denim Reborn is our commitment to sustainability, to taking back old jeans, and giving them a new life.

It starts with you.

Through wearing our jeans in your daily life, you give them a unique history, and we believe in cherishing and extending those stories. Through post-consumer recycled denim, we give our jeans a fresh start after their first life.

With every purchase, you contribute. You help reduce waste, conserve water, and decrease your carbon footprint. Our commitment goes beyond recycling; we strive for circularity. At the end of each jeans life, we encourage you to return them to us, closing the loop and ensuring that your jeans continuet their journey of renewal.


From creating art in a studio, to a night out with friends, our jeans are designed to complement every facet of your life. With their timeless design you can effortlessly transitions from casual to chic, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear. The Swedish Mathilda moves freely in her Loose Jamie while expressing her creativity.

Less impact on the planet

Traditional jeans production requires an astonishing 7,000 liters of water, per jeans. We’ve reduced water usage to 400 litres, allowing us to create high-quality jeans that not only look and feel great but also lessen the strain on our planet's precious resources.

As a creative and dedicated olive farmer Lukas understands the importance of versatility. He relies on his MUD’s not only when he's hard at work tending to his olive farm but also when he's savoring quality time with friends, sharing delicious meals together. These jeans are his trusted companions, offering the durability and comfort needed for a day in the fields, while seamlessly transitioning to a stylish choice for social gatherings - making these jeans an essential part of his unique lifestyle.

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