MUD Jeans

The MUD HQ is based in the forest at the sustainable meeting and working space ‘De Groene Afslag’ - a place that is all about cultivating sustainable enthusiasm.

The Team

Team MUD is an energetic crowd with a shared aim of creating a change in the fashion industry – you could call us idealists. We are so determined that we make things happen. Our team varies from young to old, composed of people coming from various backgrounds and a multitude of countries. Our forest office is based in Laren, at ‘De Groene Afslag’. The perfect place to go for healthy runs or walks. We combine working from home with working from the office. This allows us to interact with our beloved team but also lets us enjoy the benefits of home office on some days.

Lease Shop

At ‘De Groene Afslag’ you can find the first lease shop. A place to try on a pair of MUD Jeans and receive personal fit advice by someone from Team MUD. Here you can try all our fits in all sizes, and order any colour you like. If you order a lease-jeans here, you will get the jeans delivered to your home the next day.


The MUD Method 👖

As frontrunners in circular denim we became an exemplar company of successfully running a circular business. We hope that our circular success story empowers other entrepreneurs, people, and students to go circular. And that's why we walk the talk. We don't just make sustainable products, we also live a sustainable lifestyle.

Electric car pooling

Whilst our lovely office is based just outside of Amsterdam, many of our team members live in Amsterdam or surrounding areas. To get to and from our office, we carpool using our electric MUD cars.

Earth Day off

Whilst our work is purpose-driven, we do recognize the need for positive action beyond it. This is why we give our team a paid Earth Day off every year on which they can volunteer for any mission of their choosing. The long-term goal is to set up a collective volunteering event.

Working in a circular hub

After being a military base and then a refugee center, our office building turned into "De Groene Aflsag" - a circular hub with a mission. While it has to be demolished in the near future, the goal was to create a shared space full of creativity, reused antics and purpose in the meantime. If you're in the area, drop by and check out our lease shop, other inspiring companies, the delicious vegan restaurant, or the organic market.

Surrounded by purpose

Working in a circular hub means we are surrounded by inspiring businesses and NGOs. These are companies such as the Sustainable Brand Index but also organizations such as Sea Shepherd who protect our oceans and fight against illegal fishing. We have previously created a capsule collection with Sea Shepherd to support their important work.