Recover & Ferre 

At our partners Recover and Ferre, old jeans turn into new yarn. Recover receives the old jeans, shreds these and mixes the recycled fibres with organic cotton. This mixed fibre is then turned into a new yarn at Ferre.


Since 1947 the third-generation family business Ferre has been pioneering the production of sustainable materials. In 2006, Ferre gave a name to its recycled product line: Recover was born. Both believe that recycling is one of the most innovative ways to transform the fashion industry and we agree! The factories are located in a small town in Alicante, Spain. Their work is led by a team of experts in textiles, fashion and sustainability.

With their help we take our old jeans and recycle them into fiber that can be turned into new yarn.

What's special about Recover and Ferre?

They work with brands and companies to collect fabric waste in order to recycle it into new yarns. Their yarns have scored highest in the Higg Material Sustainability Index, which means they are free from hazardous substances and exceed the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and Reach compliance standards.

1kg of Recover recycled cotton saves up to 2,116 litres of water, 1.79kg of CO2emissions, and 3.89m2of land use.

The process

When the jeans arrive to the factory the metals are cut out of the jeans. The fabric is then shredded until it resembles a bluish version of fresh cotton. Mechanical recycling shortens the filaments of recycled cotton, therefore in order to ensure the best quality, the fibre is mixed with virgin organic cotton. Lastly the fibres are spun into new yarn.