Tejidos Royo

At our partner Tejidos Royo, the yarn is dyed and the fabric is woven. This is done using innovative methods which allow us to save on water, chemicals, energy and waste.


Based, in Valencia Spain, Tejidos Royo was founded in 1903. As a textile company, they are considered leaders in the industry. At Tejidos Royo, many employees have their roots embedded in the company because their parents and grandparents were working in the factory before them. 

At Tejidos Royo, where the team is seen as the main asset of the company, the factory is basically one big family. Their 360° sustainability philosophy drives their high-level innovative work.

Their state-of-the-art technology helps us produce fabrics that do not contain hazardous chemicals and use less water and energy.

What's special about Tejidos Royo?

Their work focuses on finding innovative solutions to the process of weaving and dyeing textiles. They have incorporated sustainable solutions such as wastewater treatment plants, and a co-generation station that allows them to ensure the water they use is cleaned as well as energy self-efficiency. 

This, along with their pioneering work in dyeing techniques, allows them to produce textiles with high environmental and social values.

The team is seen the main asset of the company, the factory is basically one big family.

The process

At Tejidos Royo, the yarns are dyed and woven into denim fabric. Currently two types of dyeing techniques are used: C2C indigo dye and the Dry Indigo Process. Both techniques use zero harmful chemicals and are made to protect the planet and the people that work with it. Once the jeans are dyed, all water used in the process is purified and cleaned before it is released into the environment. After the yarns are dyed they are woven into a fabric cloth. A quality check is performed before the fabric is shipped to our denim manufacturer Yousstex International.