Yousstex International 

At Yousstex International, the fabric of our jeans is cut, sewn, washed and branded. Thanks to their innovative production techniques, we are able to produce the most sustainable jeans on this planet. The factory is located in Touza, a rural area of Tunisia. With its 550 employees, quite small for a garment manufacturer, Yousstex radiates a family vibe.


What's special about Yousstex?

Our colleagues at Yousstex get three weeks paid leave and the owner Habib Mansour is a licensed pharmacist so all employees enjoy complimentary medicine if needed. Also, transportation to and from the factory is arranged for all employees for free. 

With 400 women working at the factory, Yousstex is a place of female empowerment. This is also reflected in Yousstex’s union representatives, which are 70% women.

With help of their innovative production techniques we use produce the cleanest jeans in the industry.

Innovation at Yousstex

Yousstex was founded by Habib Mansour, who believes in revolutionising the fashion industry jeans produced at the factory. 

In 2014, he invested in a state-of-the-art laundry as an addition to the sewing lines at Yousstex.

Water Recycling

Yousstex recycles 95% of the water they use to produce our jeans (the remaining 5% evaporate). This is possible through a process of filtration and reverse osmosis. Spot our team drinking the recycled water in the video below!


The e-Flow technology is an innovative approach which allows Yousstex to sustainably carry out abrasion processes and deliver non-toxic chemicals to the jeans. In contrast to traditional approaches, uses a mist and nano-bubbles of air instead of large amounts of water. This saves 95% water and 90% chemicals, and also means there is zero discharge of chemicals or other waste.


To give some of our jeans the classic distressed look, Yousstex uses a specific laser. Traditionally, achieving this look can involve numerous harmful practices such as stone washing and PP spray. Using laser instead allows us to save on water and chemicals and is also better for the health of the workers on site.

MUD Production Tour

The MUD team went on a trip 'behind the seam' to meet the people that make our jeans. Have a glimpse inside the factory.