PURSUING A DREAM While we were planning our Recycle Tour to Valencia, we met Tom and Gabi in Amsterdam, back then, planning their PROJECT: LANDSCAPE. "We can do a photoshoot for you, anywhere in the world,” is what they basically said. After sharing many travel stories we said yes to this amazing plan for a shoot in what turned out to be Mexico. Their idea for the project started two years before, in Ecuador. While they hiked the Chimborazo volcano in a beautiful moonlike landscape Gabi said: "This is where I want to set up a photoshoot!" At the time they did not make this dream a reality, but later when they got home they started thinking about how to make this happen. Only one answer came up: “We have to leave everything behind, travel to the most beautiful landscapes and start a life as digital nomads." LIFE AS A DIGITAL NOMAD So how does it work? Simply said, fashion brands can send over their clothes, they pick them up, street cast  models and set up a shoot. Tom and Gabi noticed that a lot of people loved the idea and got inspired by the concept. That gave them all the positive energy and the push thee needed to set a date and go for it. Currently, Tom and Gabi are on the road and living the digital nomad life. They finished the MUD shoot and from both sides it was a huge success. They received the jeans in Cancun and spotted the locations. We decided to go for one ‘beach’ location and one ‘city’ location. The travellers they streetcasted to be a model for a day where excited to be part of the project. It al worked out perfectly! OPEN TO NEW DESTINATIONS It’s 100% proven that the concept works and that Tom and Gabi can deliver beautiful fashion images. Tom and Gabi are now contacting new brands to join PROJECT: LANDSCAPE and show them the unique value they can deliver. Gabi and Tom are openminded about their future travel destinations and let it all depend on where the fashion brands take us for their photoshoots.  MORE COMING SOON

Meeting like minded people with an urge to discover the world is definitely what we like at MUD Jeans. Tom and Gabi decided to live their nomad life for at least a year but when it al works out well and brands are still interested, they might do another year and extend PROJECT: LANDSCAPE on another continent! We wish them all the luck in the world and truly recommend any brand to join the project. Luckily our collaboration hasn’t ended here. A fun follow up of our shoot in Mexico will be shared with you soon.