Desire for transparancy

In a culture where people increasingly want to know what they are buying, the word ‘transparency’ becomes more and more important. That’s why MUD Jeans has joined forces with Remo. Remo is a Dutch company initiated by textile experts. Remo’s mission is to make recycling visible and simple. With the ultimate goal to inspire people towards sustainable consumption and conscious fashion.

They have built a system that provides simplicity in the complex supply chain. Because when it comes to producing jeans, many different stakeholders come to play. The cotton is sourced in one place and the production takes place somewhere else. How much do these different partners affect the impact on the environment?

- The remo key 

The keyword in making recycling visible is transparency. That is why Remo developed the Remo Key, a fun little card with a track & trace system that can be accessed through a QR code. The QR code that links to a website where you can find information about an item’s origin and past life. Here you will learn where and how our jeans are recycled. You can find the precise percentage of recycled content and the resulting environmental savings on Water, CO2 and Energy.

Every jeans carries the message 

At MUD Jeans we think it’s really important to inform our customers. Many of them question the status quo and have high expectations when it comes to transparency. They want to know what they buy, and are interested in the details that are often forgotten to be shared. Collaborating with Remo helps us in communicating the desired transparency. As much as we would love to take everybody on a visit to our factories, this simple little card really gives a sneakpeak of the most important facts. From 2017 onwards all our jeans are provided with the Remo key.

Learn more about Remo here.