[[ROW-INTRO]] At MUD Jeans we embody sustainability not only in our fabrics and methods of production, but also in our anti-consumerism mindset.[[ROW-INTRO-END]] 

With the reality of climate change looming and becoming more set in the minds of many during this global pandemic, you might have heard of another change in air, aka the several large fashion brands, such as Gucci, that vouched to go seasonless, meaning they will no longer follow the fashion calendar that dictates when new fresh collections are to be launched, and when the old collections are to be discounted and gotten rid of, making room for the new. 

Seasonless is a very positive and necessary step forward in the fashion industry to put a halt to the current overconsumption of short-term trends that is evidently taking place, causing textile waste to hit rock bottom. According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.

Favourites never go out of fashion – neither do our jeans

 What you might not know is that MUD Jeans is proudly seasonless since day one! For us it’s about finding your personal style and providing you with something you will love for the long haul. 

The idea of a constantly revolving cycle of selling, discounting and throwing just does not fit in with our philosophy. Seasonless to us means that we can create timeless, quality goods that last the test of time, and once you’re done playing with them, are returned and recycled into new goods, all in due time. We also offer a vintage collection of our jeans at discounted price, so even our preloved or old samples don’t get discarded. A closed loop cycle of consumption which is much more rewarding than the prior if you ask me.
The concept of seasonless fashion provides opportunities for slower, more conscious style of consuming, while providing pieces that never go ‘out of style’.

Our Lease A Jeans concept further lends to our philosophy of seasonless style and consumption. When you lease your jeans, you are adhering to the mentality that you are not the permanent owner of the raw materials but are borrowing them in order to play with them until they are no longer functional for you, and then as promised, returned to be repurposed, for someone else to enjoy. This different way of considering ownership of raw materials is beneficial in terms of the responsibility one feels in consuming, and the greater good they can witness and be a part of, compared to the alternative of living season to season, trend to trend, new to new. Now let’s make seasonless the ‘new cool thing’.

Hanni Larma