[[ROW-INTRO]]In a world of excess, we want to bring things back to the basics. Therefore, we have launched our Undyed Denim collection, meaning jeans that completely skip the indigo dyeing process.This is a rather revolutionary way of making jeans, even for us! [[ROW-INTRO-END]]

This capsule collection, made in existing styles, comes to life by a mix of recycled denim and organic cotton. By skipping the dyeing and washing process completely we see major improvements in water consumption and CO2, even compared to our already very sustainable dyed jeans.



Did you know that the dyeing and washing process is one of the most harmful contributors during the production of conventional jeans, and as a result, often causes pollution in the surrounding areas of the factories?

This is why we are already using Cradle2 Cradle Indigo Dye, and eliminated harmful processes such as hand-scraping, PP- spray and stone wash in our regular jeans production.

Now we have taken this a step further. 



By using the ‘naked’ fabric we save 74% CO2 and uses 93% less water compared to the industry standard.

So, if we don’t use any dyes, how does the signature light blue, gray color of the jeans come to be? This unique effect happens when we combine a mix of recycled old jeans and virgin organic cotton.



“The nice thing is that the trends of the past years are reflected in the jeans. Most old, recycled jeans were blue, the new cotton is white, hence this mixed denim color, ”says Dion Vijgeboom, Denim Innovator at MUD Jeans.

At MUD Jeans we take innovation seriously (while leaving room for play of course) and will not stop here. Currently we are using 40% recycled cotton to produce our jeans, however our road to 100% has already begun, look out!

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Hanni Larma